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SAYHA Memorial Awards

Every year, SAYHA recognizes individuals who receive the various Memorial awards. The meaning of these awards needs to be brought to our attention so that we can once again understand and appreciate them for what they are: part of SAYHA's history that goes back to 1959 when our Association first began.

Lois Ham Memorial Award

Given in memory of Mrs. Norris Ham, Lois, an enthusiastic youth hockey fan, and mother of outstanding goalie Frank Ham. This award is given to a goaltender 15 years of age or older, house or rep, who is not only an exceptional goalie, but also an individual who has shown leadership and dedication and has given something back to his association.

2008-2009 Award Recipient: Alyssa Swegle
2009-2010 Award Recipient: Kelly Bennett
2010-2011 Award Recipient: Preston Ramirez
2011-2012 Award Recipient: John Kiepe
2012-2013 Award Recipient: Thatcher Givens
2013-2014 Award Recipient: Trachael Klaiber

Matt Beamer Memorial Award

Given in memory of Matt Beamer, a young boy who was a Squirt-aged player at the time of his tragic passing. Matt was watching an exhibition WHL hockey game at Eagles Ice-A-Rena when a puck left the ice surface, striking Matt in the head. Matt loved the game of hockey and played it with a boy’s passion, displaying sportsmanship and the desire to have fun. This award is presented to a Squirt-aged player who exemplifies the character of Matt and how he played the game and is voted on by the coaches from the Squirt division.

2008-2009 Award Recipient: Alex Bowden
2009-2010 Award Recipient: Joseph Orahood
2010-2011 Award Recipient: Joonas Oden
2011-2012 Award Recipient: Jacob Ketola
2012-2013 Award Recipient: Robby Arver
2013-2014 Award Recipient: Kolbi Schell


Eric Dormaier Inspirational Award

The Eric Dormaier Inspirational Award was established in 1977. Eric was a Bantam A player with SAYHA at the time of his passing. He was an inspiration both on and off the ice to his teammates as well as those who watched him play. Eric’s determination and desire for the game of hockey and life was even more evident during the long battle with his illness. He demonstrated great sportsmanship and integrity for the game Hockey that he loved so much. This award is presented each year to a Bantam-aged Rep player who exemplifies the spirit of this inspirational award.

2008-2009 Award Recipient: Nick Farmer
2009-2010 Award Recipient: Trevor McManus
2010-2011 Award Recipient: Ashton Atwood
2011-2012 Award Recipient: Ashton Atwood
2012-2013 Award Recipient: Jake Holden
2013-2014 Award Recipient: Andrew Clark


Brad Porco Memorial Award

Given in memory of Brad Porco, whose untimely death was caused by an auto accident, while Brad and two of his brothers were en route to a hockey school in Canada. This award was originally established for a high school-aged player and is now presented to a Midget-aged player. Brad was a fine example of a Midget player who had the determination and desire to achieve and play at the highest level of hockey that he could, while still demonstrating integrity and sportsmanship for the game. Off the ice, Brad was always looking to give back to the program what it had given him. This award is presented to the house or rep Midget player who demonstrates these qualities.

2008-2009 Award Recipient: Tony Stasch
2009-2010 Award Recipient: Aaron Azevedo
2010-2011 Award Recipient: Zac Minderman
2011-2012 Award Recipient: Tyler Peltram
2012-2013 Award Recipient: Eric Davidson
2013-2014 Award Recipient: Shane Smith


Geoff Leach Memorial Award

The Geoff Leach Memorial Award was established in February 2001. Geoff died of a rare infection. He was a young man who was loved by all who met him. He never had an unkind word to say and his faith gave him strength and his commitment made him a strong hockey player. He was always encouraging on the bench and was an inspiration to his team. This memorial is awarded to an outstanding Bantam house player who has shown academic achievement as an honor roll student. This player is an inspiration on the bench and in the locker room. This player is involved in activities away from the ice rink and school displaying a strong moral character and a quality of excellence in every aspect of his or her life.

2008-2009 Award Recipient: Mercedes Slawter
2009-2010 Award Recipient: Cole Gardner
2010-2011 Award Recipient: Bryce Moore
2011-2012 Award Recipient: Josh Doherty
2012-2013 Award Recipient: Blake Moore
2013-2014 Award Recipient: Skyler Skomars


Norm Lochten Award

This award is given in memory of Norm Lochten. It is given to an outstanding parent from any division within the Association

2008-2009 Award Recipients: Jessica and Jay Rose
2009-2010 Award Recipients: Tami Chamberlain and Corey Condron
2010-2011 Award Recipient: Bryan Hood
2011-2012 Award Recpient: Angie Larson
2012-2013 Award Recipient: Terri and Tom Hutton
2013-2014 Award Recipient: Nicole Adams


Russ Osborne Award

The Russ Osborne award is given to a Midget "B" player that is an outstanding personality both on and off the ice. This award is in the name of Russ Osborne who, at the time of his accident, was a Midget "B" player. Russ was playing in a game at the Spokane Coliseum when he was checked into one of the bench area glass supports, ending his hockey career. Russ himself established this award in 2005 with it being awarded for the first time at the end of the 2006-2007 season. He personally presents this award each season.

2008-2009 Award Recipient: Ryan Felvarg
2009-2010 Award Recipient: Tanner Stolz
2010-2011 Award Recipient: Ben Mortensen
2011-2012 Award Recipient: Tyler Peltram
2012-2013 Award Recipient: Michael Daddato
2013-2014 Award Recipient: John Ryskamp


Gil Rapp House Coach of the Year:
2008-2009 Olga Pasher
2009-2010 Deke Adams
2012-2013 Todd Ulrich
2013-2014 Ron Duncan

House Teams of the Year:
2008-2009 Bantam Bulldogs, Sr Mite Blue Jackets, PeeWee Red Wings
2009-2010 Lady Fury
2012-2013 Midget
2013-2014 Bantam Cyclones (Ron Hunter, Coach) 

Rep Coach of the Year:
2008-2009 Dan Holden
2009-2010 Jim Noldin
2012-2013 Rob Wallen and Steve Wells
2013-2014 Brian Moon, Midget U18

Rep Teams of the Year:
2008-2009 Squirt A and Peewee AA
2009-2010 Squirt A, PeeWee AA, Bantam B, Midget B, Midget U16, Midget U18
2012-2013 Bantam B
2013-2014 Midget U18 (Brian Moon, Coach)

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