Meeting Minutes: July 2020

July Meeting Minutes

  1. Previous Meeting Minutes
    MOTION to approve June minutes made by Terry Picicci; second by Leon Henry; motion carried

by unanimous vote.

Old Business

  1. Outstanding Items
    • Heater Repairs & Timers Project Update

o Each heater must be individually timers due to social distancing

o Terry will continue to have discussions regarding this need

    • Heater/AC Unit Bid Update

o $4k bid for AC unit in the office.
o Electrical in not included in BID.
o Wireless remote to be mounted to east wall.

    • Ventilation in Locker rooms 1-4
      o No ventilation at all in these locker rooms

o Putting in a closed system & adding fans.

o Adding pipes through the floors

NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items

  • Female Hockey Teams & Coordinator – Dustin Donaghy
    o Several have volunteered to help grow the female side of hockey.

▪ SAYHA Female Program Coordinators will report directly to Dustin to help grow this part of our organization.

▪ We will need to communicate this new program with our members

  • Player & Parent Code of Conduct – Dustin Donaghy

o There will be Zero Tolerance attitude towards conduct violations.
o All players will be expected to follow the dress code
o This new code of conduct will be a huge culture shift & some will struggle with it o Dustin will make sure all coaches, parents & players know & understand these

expectations at the parent meetings
▪ This is going to be a huge culture shift & some will struggle with it to

▪ BODs will be present to support this culture shift during these meetings

  • Player Gear Requirement – Dustin Donaghy
    o Slowly begin to introduce matching gear across the association.

▪ Plan to start with players wearing gloves that are Jr Chiefs colors ▪ Move towards all SAYHA players wearing red helmets & blue


    o Chair – Amanda Kendall

o Board Members – Danielle Hunt
o Action Plan – Consistency, Platforms, Content, Timeliness, Scholastics

    • ▪  Currently need to work on communicating with members regarding season, tryouts & plans
    • ▪  Dustin & Danielle have drafted an email/newsletter for the members to discuss what the season might look like with COVID-19. This will be sent out late this week or early next week.
  • Puck #2 – C.H.I.E.F. (Competition, Heritage, Integrity, Engage, Family) Culture o Chair – Mike McGinnis

o Board Members – Terry Picicci, Bryan Kriger, Dustin Donaghy

o Action Plan – TBD as season takes better shape

  • Puck #3 – Fundraising & Community Development

o Chair – Luke Damskov
o Board Members – Denny Larue
o Action Plan – Raise $10,000
o PDF cost of boards sent out to BODs

▪ Contacted Numerica & there has been some traction during these conversations

  • ▪  Planning to contact local casinos; Spokane Shock; Keller Williams
  • ▪  Creating a Scholastic Board – to honor those Jr Chiefs who excel in the


  • ▪  Luke will work with Dustin, Danielle & Amanda to get information out to

social media regarding all fundraising opportunities.

  • Puck #4 – Revise Mission Statement

o Chair – Sarah
o Board Members – Bryan
o Action Plan – revision to promote character development

  • Spokane Americans Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA) is committed to the athletic and character development of youth hockey players. SAYHA is dedicated to individually developing our youth as hockey players, while promoting leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect as we strive for excellence both on and off the ice.

o MOTION to approve new mission statement as written made by Amanda Kendall; second by Luke Damskov; motion carried by unanimous vote.

  1. Director’s Reports
  • Treasurer’s Financial Report – Terra Kile
    o We need to create a budget based on what we had last year & make assumptions that we are moving forward as we did last year
    o As things change, we can begin to peel back the budget as needed o We did not get any revenue from our spring & summer programs

▪ The PPP loan is subsidizing some of the revenue that we lost from this canceled programming.

o Danielle & Terra will review how to create payment plans that are focused on just ice fees. Any tournaments can be added at a later time as tournaments/borders open.

o There will be a PNAHA league.
▪ All Rep teams will be a part of this PNAHA league.

❖ There will be an A1, A2 & House team at 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U ❖ 10U – 3 blended teams with 1 Rep selected team

  1. Blended teams will play 1⁄2 ice
  2. Rep Team will play full ice
  • Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall o In the works.
  • Disciplinary Director– Mike McGinnis o Nothing to report.
  • SafeSport Director – Bryan Kriger o Nothing to report.
  • Community Development Director – Luke Damskov o Winter Raffle Ticket

▪ Need to make sure that all age levels are participating, including 8U players

  • Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers

o Nothing at this time.

MOTION to adjourn made by Luke Damskov; second by Leon Henry; motion carried by unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned @ 8:15 pm

  1. Closed Session

Meeting adjourned @ 8:35 pm


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