Meeting Minutes: June 2020

2020-06-11 SAYHA BOD – Meeting Minutes

Old Business

  1. Previous Meeting Minutes
    MOTION to approve May minutes made by Terry Picicci; second by Luke Damskov; motioncarried by unanimous vote.MOTION made by Terry Picicci to remove Phil Costello, Nicole Adams, Todd Greiner, Brad Carruthers & Neil Runbeck as signers on SAYHA’s bank account & add Terra Kile as a signer; second by Leon Henry; motion carried by unanimous vote.
  2. Introduction of New Board Members

• Welcome newly elected BODs…

o Terra Kile – Treasurer

o Mike McGinnis – Disciplinary Director

o Bryan Kriger – SafeSport Director

3. Outstanding Items

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  • Annual Eagles Board Meeting Agenda Items o Wednesday, June 24th 6pmo Denny & Terry plan on attending on behalf of SAYHA
  • CenterPlate at the Spokane Arenao Nothing at this time.
  • List of Rink Improvements for Eagles LLC

o Heater Repairs/Timers Update

  • ▪  Not all the heaters are working correctly & not enough timers tosupport the number of heaters.
  • ▪  Denny & Terry will discuss this at the Eagles Annual Meeting.

o Heater/AC Unit Bid Update
▪ Denny will follow-up with Phil Costello as to where we are at with this

installation process.
• Puck #3 Update – Fundraising Committee – Denny Larue

o Spokane Hyundai remains committed to purchase a rink board; they remain interested in purchasing a Zamboni wrap but the exact details continue to need to be worked out.

  • Policy & Procedures
    o Locker Room Policy – Kelli Jones (Vote Needed)

    • ▪  Revisions to policy reviewed.
    • ▪  MOTION to adopt policy revisions as written made by Terry Picicci;second by Luke Damskov; motion carried by unanimous vote. o Return to Play Policy – Bryan Kriger (New)▪ Bryan will work with Dr. Pete & oversee the writing of this policy. o 1st Aid/CPR Coaching Policy – Leon Henry▪ Not present. No update.
      o Non-Parent Reimbursement Policy – Sarah Stevens (Vote Needed) (New)

      ▪ Policyreview.
      ❖ MOTION to adopt Non-Parent Reimbursement policy made by

      Terry Picicci; second by Sarah Stevens; motion carried by

      unanimous vote.

  • Mid-Season Survey Results Reviewo BODs will review in preparation for the Retreat on 6/25.

4. NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items

  • Female Hockey Teams & Coordinator – Dustin Donaghy
    o Not Present. Will review with Dustin at the Retreat.
  • Player & Parent Code of Conduct – Dustin Donaghy
    o Not Present. Will review with Dustin at the Retreat.
  • Player Gear Requirement – Dustin Donaghy
    o Not Present. Will review with Dustin at the Retreat.


5. Director’s Reports

  • Treasurer’s Financial Report – Terra Kile o Not Present.
  • Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall o Not Present.
  • Disciplinary Director– Mike McGinnis o Nothing to report.
  • SafeSport Director – Bryan Kriger o Nothing to report.
  • Community Development Director – Luke Damskov o Nothingtoreport.
  • Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers o Nothingatthistime.MOTION to adjourn made by Mike McGinnis; second by Terry Picicci; motion carried by unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned @ 7:32 pm

6. Closed Session

Meeting adjourned @ 8:13 pm

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