Meeting Minutes: May 2020

2020-05-14 SAYHA BOD – Meeting Minutes

Old Business:

  1. Introduction of New Board Members
    Welcome newly elected BOD’s…

    • Luke Damskov – Community Development Director
    • Terry Picicci – VP of Hockey Ops
  2. Outstanding Items:
    • Annual Eagles Board Meeting Agenda Items
      • Due to COVID restrictions, annual meeting TBD at this time.
    • CenterPlate at the Spokane Arena
      • Nothing at this time.
    • List of Rink Improvements for Eagles LLC
      o Resend Google Doc for new BODs to be able to add to the list.
      o Dustin & Leon removed the lockers from the rinks. Selling those to our members first for $100 each.
    • Heater Repairs & Timers
      • Terry is working on it
    • Heater/AC Unit Bid Update
      • No update at this time.
    • Puck #3 Update – Fundraising Committee – Denny Larue
      • Rink Board Advertising Update
      • Spokane Hyundai & Zamboni Wrap
        ❖ Recently reopened & Denny will circle back around.
  1. Policy & Procedures
    • Locker Room Policy – Kelli Jones
      • Kelli emailed the proposed policy to be reviewed.
      • BODs will make sure this policy is in place prior to tryouts.
    • Return to Play Policy (New)
      • Neil will continue to work with Pete in order to wrap up prior to the start of the season.
    • 1st Aid/CPR Coaching Policy Leon is working with District 9 Fire to set this up.
    • Working to set this up without a fee, which has been done in the past for SAYHA.
    • Leon will continue to work on this to have in place prior to tryouts.
    • Non-Parent Reimbursement Policy (New)

This policy needs to be completed prior to coaching assignments for season.

  • Sarah will begin writing this policy & present for review at the June meeting.
  • New Board will review during the Retreat for the following season.

Budget for reimbursement rates as follows:
House – $200 & Select – $500
Rep Teams 10/12s – $2,500 & 14/16s – $4,500
All receipts with itemized expense report must be turned in to Danielle the following Wednesday.

  • SAYHA will only reimburse hotel & gas expenses.
  • No reimbursement for food or drinks.
  1. Mid-Season Survey Results Review
    • New Board will review during the retreat for the following season.


  1. Spring/Summer Programming
  • Due to COVID-19, it would appear that all spring/summer programming will be canceled at this point.
  • Neil will email those members that registered to advise them of the cancellation.
  • Hockey Ops will work on the plan for any type of programming & tryouts.
    • All programming & tryouts dates will be based on local & state guidelines.


  1. Board of Directors Vacant Positions – Denny Larue
    • Denny will send Danielle an email by Monday to send out to the members to find interested candidates.
    • Denny & Danielle will work together to create requirements for positions with a deadline.
      • BOD would like to have new Board complete by June Meeting.

NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items

  1. NBT Coaching Assignments Discussion
    • 2 applicants responded for 14U-A1 coach & 1 applicant for 16U-A1 coach
      • Dustin recommends applicant Matt Thurston as the 14U-A1 coach
        ❖ MOTION made on May 11th via email to approve Matt Thurston as 14U-A1 coach & Dustin Donaghy as the 16U-A1 coach for the 2020-21 season made by Terry Picicci; second by Sarah Stevens; motion carried by unanimous vote.
      • Dustin will work with Danielle to make these announcements to SAYHA members.
  1. Website Discussion
    • Staff would like to move from Team Pages to Team Snap
      • Team Snap will build our website & all our teams’ pages.
        ❖ Training & support is offered to assist with a smooth transition.
      • Extremely user friendly & will better serve older teams for stat recording. Improved stats recording will also help with recruiting.
      • Team Snap will integrate with the schedules and registrations. This will save time from having to do double entry & reduce the possibility of error.
      • Team Snap is offering 3 months free at sign up, with payment due 90 days after sign up.
      • Price Approximate Difference? Team Pages $700; Team Snap $1,600
      • Basic Team Snap $1,699
        • Up to 750 players
        • 30 players per team
        • Unlimited teams
          ❖ 500Mb per team
      • Premium Team Snap $2,299
        • Up to 750 players
        • 40 players per team
        • Unlimited teams
          ❖ 2Gb of storage per team
        • Custom branding for logos

Service Fees for transactions under $50 absorbed by individuals
o MOTION to change platforms from Team Pages to Team Snap Basic by August 1st made by Terry Picicci; second by Leon Henry; motion carried by unanimous vote.
o MOTION made on May 26th via email to amend start date of using Team Snap from August 1st to immediately made by Terry Picicci; second by Sarah Stevens; motion carried by unanimous vote.

  1. Video Conference Room Discussion
    • Dustin needs a place to do videos that is not in the office & big enough for 15-20 players.
      • Tabled for further discussion until the June meeting.
      • Dustin will work on the details to present to Eagles & discuss further with Robin.
  1. Director’s Reports
  • Treasurer’s Financial Report – Vacant o Not Present.
  • Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall: Nothing to Report.
  • Disciplinary Director– Vacant o Not Present.
  • SafeSport Director – Vacant o Not Present
  • Community Development Director – Luke Damskov: Nothing to Report
  • Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers: See email from Denny.

MOTION to adjourn made by Luke Damskov; second by Terry Picicci; motion carried by unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned @ 7:45pm

  1. Closed Session

Meeting adjourned @ 8:49pm

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