Meeting Agenda: February 2020


1. Previous Month Meeting Minutes: Review/Approve

2. Outstanding Items Updates

o LIVE Barn Cameras Update from Eagles LLC – Neil Runbeck

o Rink Improvements from Eagles LLC – Denny Larue & Phil Costello
▪ Heater Repairs & Timers Update
▪ Zamboni Wrap Update
▪ Heater/AC Unit Bid Update

o CenterPlate at Spokane Arena – Denny Larue

o Puck #3 Update – Fundraising Committee – Denny Larue

▪ Rink Board Advertising Update

3. Old Business

o Puck #1 Update – Discipline & Travel Policies – Sarah Stevens, Jeremi DelCampo & Kelli

o 14U/16U Tryout Dates – Neil Runbeck & Terry Picicci

o SAYHA Employee Handbook Update – Nicole Adams

4. New Business

o SAYHA 2020/21 RFPs – Terry Picicci

o End of the Season Awards Banquet – Terry Picicci

o Mid-Season Survey Results – Amanda Kendall

5. Director’s Reports

o Treasurer’s Financial Report – Phil Costello
o Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall
o Disciplinary Director – Jeremy DelCampo
o SafeSport Director – Kelli Jones
o Community Development – Ben Nelson
o Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers
6. Closed Session