Meeting Minutes: April 2020


1. Previous Meeting Minutes
MOTION to approve March meeting minutes made by Phil Costello; second by Terry Picicci;
motion carried by unanimous vote.
MOTION to approve Dustin Donaghy as Director of Player Development made by Terry Picicci;
second by Jeremi Delcampo; motion carried by unanimous vote made on April 4th, 2020 via
virtual Zoom meeting.
2. Outstanding Items
• Rink Improvements Update from Eagles LLC – Denny Larue
o Rink has created an improvement plan during COVID-19 closure
▪ Scrubbing walkways/pulling up mats and scrubbing and bleaching both
▪ Scrubbing Bleachers in both rinks with bleach
▪ Lobby bathrooms, painting, replacing mats, replacing countertops,
cleaning and fixing toilets
▪ Rink 1: replacing scuff plate at bottom of boards

▪ Shampooing carpet
▪ Cleaning boards in both rinks and player boxes
▪ Cleaning glass in both rinks.
▪ Cleaning snack bar area and painting shelves
▪ Removing toilets and replacing gaskets
o HVAC/AC Unit Bid Update – Phil Costello
▪ Steelhead Mechanical Bid
❖ Tabled until next board meeting due to waiting for electrical
• CenterPlate at the Spokane Arena
o Nothing at this time.
• Puck #3 Update – Fundraising Committee – Denny Larue
o Rink Board Advertising Update
▪ Spokane Hyundai – suspended all funds until May 4
▪ Zamboni Wrap Update – suspended all funds until May 4

• Policy & Procedures
o Locker Room Policy – Kelli Jones
▪ New policy will need to define what an acceptable base layer is; will
need to have full tops & bottom, no sports bras.
▪ When gender specific locker rooms are available those must be used.
▪ When there are no gender specific separate locker rooms players will
use the same locker room but not at the same time.
▪ Locker room monitors must be same sex.
▪ Kelli will make appropriate changes to current policy & send to BODs for
review & vote.
o Return to Play Policy
▪ Neil will work with Pete to create this policy & forward to Sarah to
formalize into a policy.
o 1
st Aid/CPR Coaching Policy
▪ We will work on this policy over the summer to present for the 20-21

3. Old Business
• Mid-Season Survey Results – Amanda Kendall
o Current board needs to review results & bring any recommendations to new
o SafeSport & Discipline Directors should to be advisors to the coaching
committee to assist in the selection process. These positions will help educate
the coaching committee as to whether a coach has a problematic history with
Safesport & Discipline.

▪ These directors will also advise the BODs when voting on coaching

• Annual Eagles Board Meeting Agenda Items Discussion
o Tentatively set for April 30th
o Sarah will create a Google doc for the board
• 14U/16U Tryout Dates – Neil Runbeck & Terry Picicci
o Neil talked to Robin & canceled May tryouts
o Players will need to be allowed for approximately a month prior to tryouts
o Rink 2 will be down at the end of July/beginning of August
o Tryouts will be pushed back to August due to rink & stay-at-home order

• Reimbursement to Non-Parent Coaches – Denny Larue
o Tyson Azevedo is requesting a $1,600 reimbursement for coaching expenses
▪ Tyson advised that he spent approximately $3,600 & has an outstanding
balance of $1,600.
▪ Tyson requested coaching expenses in the fall & he was told no because
these funds were not in the budget.
▪ Phil & Danielle will contact Tyson & conduct an audit of his receipts.
o Denny & Neil will consult with other non-parent coaches regarding out of
pocket expenses. BODs will consider creating an expense structure moving
▪ 19-20 Non-Parent Coaches
❖ 3 House coaches – Possible $200
❖ 2 Selects coaches – Possible $500
❖ 1 Rep – Provide receipts

4. NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items
• Spring/Summer Programming Discussion
o Spring Programming will have tentative dates of May 11th – July 2
o Summer Programming will have tentative dates of July 6th – August 6th
▪ BODs will allow sign-ups without payment to confirm interest
▪ BODs will consider allowing payment plan options, if needed for families
due to COVID-19
▪ Neil & Danielle will come up with a couple alternative plans in case we
are not able to get onto the ice in May.

• NBT Coaching Assignments Discussion
o Due to uncertainty still ahead, BODs will discuss in future meetings.
• Board of Directors Positions 20-21 – Denny Larue
o There were 5 open positions. Only 2 positions were applied for & those people
were unopposed.

o BODs have decided to allow this BODs to expire & as of May 1st will begin
interviewing for the open 3 positions as according to our by-laws.
▪ By consensus, the BODs agreed to budget to fund for SafeSport &
Discipline Coordinators in the 20-21 season.

5. Director’s Reports
• Treasurer’s Financial Report – Phil Costello
o $807.17 in outstanding player fees

▪ Letters will be sent out to families extending grace period due to COVID-

o Still have some outstanding ice fees but remaining bills have all been paid.
• Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall
o Not present at the time of presentation.
• Disciplinary Director– Jeremi Delcampo
o Nothing to report.
• SafeSport Director – Kelli Jones
o 2 outstanding reports
▪ Center for SafeSport compliant is moving forward
▪ PNAHA has requested SAYHA follow up on locker room issues & update
this policy.
▪ A member has contacted the BODs & would like to address the board in
person regarding a season concern he has but chose not to bring up
during the season as to not disrupt the season.
❖ Denny will contact this member & report back to the board so
we can decide how to proceed.

• Community Development Director – Ben Nelson

o Not present
• Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers
o Not present

MOTION to adjourn made by Terry Picicci; second by Leon Henry; motion carried by unanimous vote.
Meeting adjourned @ 8:13 pm