Meeting Minutes: February 2020


Sign-in sheet distributed and included as part of these meeting minutes
SAYHA Officers, Directors, Staff, and guests in attendance…
Role Name Attendance
President Denny LaRue ✓
VP of Hockey Operations Terry Picicci ✓
VP of Hockey Administration Leon Henry ✓
Secretary Sarah Stevens ✓
Treasurer Phil Costello ✓
Public Relations Director Amanda Kendall Not Present
Disciplinary Director Jeremi DelCampo ✓
SafeSport Director Kelli Jones ✓
Community Development Director Ben Nelson ✓
SAYHA Business Manager Danielle Hunt ✓
SAYHA Hockey Director Neil Runbeck ✓
WKMHA Representative Chris Florko Not Present
Barbara DelCampo Nicole Adams Tyrell Trout
1. Previous Meeting Minutes
MOTION to approve January meeting minutes made by Phil Costello; second by Jeremi
DelCampo; motion carried by unanimous vote.
2. Outstanding Items
• LIVE Barn Cameras & Plan – Neil Runbeck
o LiveBarn installed the internet service needed to provide consistent live video
o Installers were in the rink today (2/12/20) for a site survey. Plan is for them to
be up & running within a couple weeks.
o Denny & Terry are listed as the emergency contacts.
• Rink Improvements Update from Eagles LLC – Denny Larue & Phil Costello
o Heater Repairs & Timers
▪ Approved & should be repaired & timers installed soon.
o Zamboni Wraps

▪ SAYHA may have sold 1 Zamboni wrap but working out all the details as
the wrap costs approximately $3,600, which is a bit more than
o HVAC/AC Unit Bid for SAYHA Office
▪ Zone Mechanical bid was $7,183 plus taxes & permits
▪ Jeremi will research a 2nd bid from Steelhead Mechanical
▪ We will research if party room could be added to the bid & share
financial expenses with the rink.
o Lockers near back doors are SAYHAs & our responsibility to paint. This can be
something we organize a committee to complete.
o Jim wants an improvement list from SAYHA for projects.
• CenterPlate at the Spokane Arena
o Nothing at this time.
• Puck #3 Update – Fundraising Committee – Denny Larue
o Rink Board Advertising Update
▪ SAYHA sold 1 board to Spokane Hyundai.

3. Old Business
• Puck #1 Update – Discipline & Travel Policies – Sarah Stevens, Jeremi DelCampo & Kelli
o Discipline Policy – MOTION to adopt the Discipline Policy as written made by
Kelli Jones; second by Terry Picicci; motion carried by unanimous vote.
o Travel Permission Policy –
▪ Kelli would like to add, “It is the Applicable Adult’s responsibility to
verify that the parent/guardian signing this permission has completed
SafeSport parent or certified training. Failure to do so will result in the
coach being suspended until a hearing is completed.”
▪ Applicable Adults are identified as SAYHA coaches or other adults in
supervisory positions.
▪ This policy would allow for coaches to transport players.
❖ MOTION to add Kelli’s amendment & adopt the Travel
Permission Policy made by Phil Costello; second by Jeremi
DelCampo; motion carried by unanimous vote.

• 14U/16U Tryout Dates – Neil Runbeck & Terry Picicci
o The goal is for dates to be confirmed in time for the next newsletter.
• SAYHA Employee Handbook Update – Nicole Adams
o Associated Industries provides guidance on handbook policies & has the ability
to draft a handbook for SAYHA.
▪ This would allow the BODs to set expectations and ensure SAYHA staff
are applying policies.

▪ Approximately $750 per year & can help with creating employee
▪ MOTION to contract with Associated Industries made by Jeremi
DelCampo; second by Phil Costello; motion carried by unanimous vote.

4. NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items
• SAYHA 2020/21 RFPs – Terry Picicci
o Current SAYHA RFPs are for jerseys, dryland, Detailz, & tournament apparel.
▪ The only RFPs needed for next year will be jerseys & dryland.
o Hockey Ops will be responsible for contacting & providing dryland options.
▪ This RFP will be needed for next year’s budget.
▪ We might need to consider changing the location due to toll it puts on
the condition of the conference room.
• End of the Season Awards Banquet – Terry Picicci
o Plan for the week of March 23-27 & Neil will identify exact day that week.
o Neil will discuss rink reservations with Robin.
o Banquet budget is $3,000, including awards.
▪ Legacy Awards – would like to contact previous winners to help with the
presentation & announce all players who were nominated.
o Neil & Denny will plan to present awards & represent the coaches & BODs.
o We need to work on improving the sound system issues from last year. Jeremi
will work to see what is needed to improve this.
• Mid-Season Survey Results – Amanda Kendall
o Neil will get the results & send to the BODs

5. Director’s Reports
• Treasurer’s Financial Report – Phil Costello & Nicole Adams
o Budget continues to look good.
o Final Rep payments were received this month.
o We are down in total revenue from last year – some of this was planned with
modified scheduling.
o Investments funds are starting to make money & being reinvested.
o The Rink was reminded of the March deadline for ice costs. They asked SAYHA
to provide info regarding our projection of ice purchases for next season
(increased, decreased or stay the same).
▪ SAYHA anticipates to remain the same for next year, with possible

• Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall
o Not Present
• Disciplinary Director– Jeremi Delcampo
o One incident last month that included our logo. Kelli & Jeremi resolved.
▪ Since this involved our logo, Jeremi reached out to Spokane Chiefs to
ensure there were no problems with them.

▪ It seems like we are down in incidents from last year & incidents are
being resolved faster due addition help from investigators.
▪ SAYHA failed its goal of zero coaches & parents being kicked out of a
• SafeSport Director – Kelli Jones
o 12u House incident – on going investigation & more information for the closed
o 14U Rep is for closed session.
o Meeting planned with females in the association with Nicole Adams to create
bonds & leadership opportunities.
o Coaching boys & girls are different & we need to add some coaching
education for our coaches this summer.
▪ We would like to consider bringing in outside educators to assist with
this coaching education training.
▪ We would like to see more hockey moms attend CEPs to be present &
available on the benches to assist coaches.
• Community Development Director – Ben Nelson
o All Winter Raffle tickets are due today (2/12/20) & drawing is tomorrow
o Prizes from Play-It-Again Sports & Laurie Bowen – each donated their fees
back to SAYHA.
o We need to review the ticket checkout process for next year’s raffle.
• Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers
o Not present.

MOTION to add Danielle Hunt to SAYHA Washington Trust signature card made by Phil Costello; second
by Leon Henry; motion carried by unanimous vote.
MOTION to adjourn made by Terry Picicci; second by Leon Henry; motion carried by unanimous vote.
Meeting adjourned @ 7:37pm
6. Closed Session

Closed session adjourned @ 9:43pm