Meeting Minutes: January 2020


Sign-in sheet distributed and included as part of these meeting minutes
SAYHA Officers, Directors, Staff, and guests in attendance…
Role Name Attendance
President Denny LaRue ✓
VP of Hockey Operations Terry Picicci ✓
VP of Hockey Administration Leon Henry ✓
Secretary Sarah Stevens ✓
Treasurer Phil Costello ✓
Public Relations Director Amanda Kendall ✓
Disciplinary Director Jeremi DelCampo ✓
SafeSport Director Kelli Jones Not Present
Community Development Director Ben Nelson ✓
SAYHA Business Manager Nicole Adams ✓
SAYHA Hockey Director Neil Runbeck ✓
WKMHA Representative Chris Florko Not Present

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
MOTION to approve December meeting minutes made by Jeremi DelCampo ; second by Leon
Henry; motion carried by unanimous vote.
MOTION to approve Danielle Hunt as the SAYHA bookkeeper made in an email vote on January
2nd by Sarah Stevens; second by Phil Costello; motion carried by unanimous vote.
MOTION to approve gifting the business manager Mac computer to Nicole’s made in an email
vote on January 2nd by Sarah Stevens ; second by Phil Costello; motion carried by unanimous
2. Outstanding Items
• Online Jr Chiefs Merchandise Store Contract – Neil Runbeck
o Contract has been signed but dates changed from starting 10/10/19 to 12/11/19
o Jared has requested a list of SAYHA employees who would be eligible for a

• LIVE Barn Cameras & Plan – Neil Runbeck

o Jim Ewers has the contract & will meet with Eagles Management on 1/10/2020
to review how LIVE Barn effects all 3 owners.
o Contract is 6 years with SAYHA but Jim will have to sign, if approved, as the
SAYHA Representative.

• Core Values Banners Framing – Leon Henry
o Banner have been hung & this is finished.
• Rink Improvements Update from Eagles LLC – Denny Larue
o Heater Repairs & Timers
▪ Jim Ewers meets with Eagles Management group on 1/10/20 & this is on
the agenda.
❖ Jim has explored what this will cost & has gotten bids. No one
seems to be opposed to these improvements.

o Scoreboard
▪ Jim Ewers is not convinced our scoreboards need to be replaced.
o Zamboni Wraps
▪ Jim Ewers is looking into this & will have for information following their
1/10/20 meeting.
• Team Sponsor Plaques
o Nicole ordered the plaques from Leo’s & she will contact Ben when they arrive.
• CenterPlate at the Spokane Arena
o Nothing at this time.

3. Old Business
• Puck #3 Update – Fundraising Committee – Denny Larue
o Rink Boards Advertisement Update
▪ 5 people with proposal in front of them for consideration.
▪ Received 1 – Josh Johnson Orthodontics
• Extra Programming Plans – Neil Runbeck & Terry Picicci
o Spring Programming to start in April 2020
▪ High, Middle & Grade School Spring Hockey Leagues
▪ Learn to Play Hockey
▪ 8U/10U Spring Training
▪ 12U/14U Body Contact & Battling Clinic
▪ 16U/20U Skill Builder
❖ It will be important to market these clinics.
❖ Neil will get the date & times to Robin to secure the ice.

o Tryout Dates for 14U & 16U
▪ Moved to May 15-17, 2020
▪ 10U-12U will remain in August
• Discipline Policy – Sarah Stevens & Jeremi DelCampo
o BOD will take more time to review policy. Any edits or suggestions will be sent
to Sarah.
o BOD will look to vote on this policy in February’s meeting.

NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items
4. Business Manager/Bookkeeper Plan – Phil Costello, Denny Larue & Sarah Stevens
• Danielle Hunt plans to start January 30th, 2020.
o Danielle will be an Office Manager not a Scheduler.
o There is no expectation for Danielle to do the scheduling at this time.
o BOD will need to hire/contract with a scheduler by July.
o Budgeting & Forecasting for the 20/21 seasons needs to start by March 1st
o Bookkeeping will be light to start due the final Rep payments scheduled for
o Danielle will be expected to learn to build registrations for spring & summer

• SAYHA needs an Employee Handbook
o Nicole Tedrow with Associated Industries (A.I) would be an excellent contact to
create this for SAYHA.
▪ Nicole Adams will contact her & let us know in the February meeting.
• SAYHA BOD will need to make a decision regarding how many employees/contracts for
next year’s budget.
o Focus on obtaining RFPs for Dryland, JOG back by Feb 20-25th
▪ Jerseys for next season will be an add-on to registration.

5. Director’s Reports
• Treasurer’s Financial Report – Phil Costello & Nicole Adams
o Tournaments net income saw a substantial increase
o Special Programming revenue is not where needs to be & needs to meet the
budgeted marks.
o Investment money was funded but still need to close out the Charles Schwab
o The Ameriprise funds will help with any unexpected bills.
o Majority of our funds have been collected. Last Rep payments will be collected
in February.
o W2s & 1099s are done for 2019
o Overall, projecting a lower net revenue this year from last year.
• Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall
o Division Newsletters go out 1/10/2020.
▪ 14-16U will contain recommended reading opportunities for families &
▪ 8U Newsletter will inform that Chris Foster resigned as 8U DCD
❖ Newsletter will thank him for his dedication & leadership
▪ We will add a reminder for members to complete the Mid-Season
▪ Amanda will talk to tournament photographer for pictures to assist with

• Disciplinary Director– Jeremi Delcampo

o Nothing for the open session.
• SafeSport Director – Kelli Jones
o Not present
• Community Development Director – Ben Nelson
o We need to discuss & vote on a Finder’s Fee for rink board sales.
o MOTION to approve a one-time Finder’s Fee of $100 per board sign made by
Leon Henry; second by Phil Costello; motion carried by unanimous vote.

• Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers
o Not present. Nothing at this time.
• PNAHA Meeting Report – Neil
o Change the coaching certification program
▪ Currently no CEUs for Levels 4-5 so looking to add online option.
▪ Levels 1-3 certifications will be in Spokane next year.
▪ USA Hockey registration fees will be increasing next year
▪ Match penalties have increased nationwide.
▪ PNAHA disciplinary committee can review all match penalties
▪ Bylaw 10 allows 1 appeal & this must be through PNAHA
❖ SAYHA shall revise policy to read that all appeals must be through

▪ Officials are quitting at a substantial rate due to abuse from players,
coaches & parents
▪ There will be no more gate fees for District & National Tournaments
▪ Neil has sent nominees for 14U/16U State Development Camp (January 24-
26) but no invites have been sent out/received yet.
▪ Officials registration due June 1st, 2020
▪ Possible $2,500 goalie grant for the state
❖ Presented Vaughn quick change pads for $250
▪ SAFESPORT topics for next newsletter
❖ Associations need to better educate members as to what SafeSport
is & how to make a report.
o Parent to Parent issues are not a SafeSport violation
o Negative on-ice comments from coaches are not a
SafeSport violation

❖ Associations need to close more cases & report progress within 5-7
❖ Compliance Violations for locker room monitors
o Associations can expect fines &/or coach suspensions for
o Looking to incentivize associations who have teams that are
properly monitoring.

❖ Winthrop has been reinstated into PNAHA
❖ State Leagues at all divisions, including 10U.
o SAYHA will be represented by 1 10U team.

❖ Rule Revisions/Changes
o 10U half ice rule change to always be half ice when 2
PNAHA teams play each other – denied & tabled for June
o No 12U players are allowed to play in a “checking” game
o 14U players are allowed to move up to 18U if there is no
16U option.

MOTION to adjourn made by Phil Costello; second by Jeremi DelCampo; motion carried by unanimous
Meeting adjourned @ 8:17pm
6. Closed Session

Closed session adjourned @ 9:22pm