Meeting Minutes: October 2020


1. Previous Meeting Minutes
MOTION to approve September minutes made by Terry Picicci; second by Leon Henry; motion
carried by unanimous vote.
2. Outstanding Items
• Heater Repairs & Timers Project Update
o Still in progress. Waiting on Eagles LLC Board.
o Leon will follow-up with Dan.
• Ventilation in Locker rooms 1-4
o Still in progress. Waiting on the Eagles LLC Board.
o Must be complete prior to using locker rooms again.
o Leon will follow-up with Dan.

• Rep Team Tryouts & Evaluations Update – Dustin Donaghy & Terry Picicci
o Evaluators are selected & rating each player on a hockey metrics scale

▪ Coaches will be expected to re-evaluate players throughout the year
& these numbers will be available to parents & players to review.

o 10U – 41 (3 teams)
▪ This includes 4 move-ups = only allowed 3 move-ups
▪ Younger players cannot displace older players unless evaluated in
the top 5 skaters.
▪ Cannot move up from a non-checking to checking division.
▪ Move-up approval is based on the evaluation & at the discretion of
Hockey Ops.
o 12U – 47 (3 teams)
o 14U – 32 (2 teams)
o 16U – 25 (1 team)
o We will need to make sure that all BODs are available to be here to help
check-in & get them on the ice.
▪ We will need to ensure that we are helping make sure that the
players are being greeted & directed how to get on the ice.

• House Rate Skates Update – Dustin Donaghy & Terry Picicci
o Fall Clinic October 24th/25th
▪ Registration started yesterday & filling up nicely
o Rate Skate is Oct 31st/Nov 1

▪ Registration will open tomorrow (10/9)
o House Coaches Applications
▪ Applications were sent out & Dustin is receiving interest
▪ Dustin contacted all past house coaches
▪ The WarHorses contacted us to send players to play for SAYHA due
to no available opportunities for their association.
• Many WarHorses coaches are requesting to come get
involved in coaching at SAYHA.

• Director of Hockey Development Contract – Denny LaRue & Nicole Adams
o Executive BODs worked together with Dustin to complete.
▪ Dustin has signed contract.

4. NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items
• Rink COVID Protocols & Procedures – Nicole Adams
o Return to Play Policy
▪ This policy must be in place by Monday, 10/12 prior to the start of
▪ Spokane Co. did not have too much change with recent Governor
▪ Based on COVID county numbers; Spokane Co. too high.
▪ No games can be played here in Spokane.
▪ Fluid movement for SAYHA based on Spokane Co. risk rate.

• PNAHA Meeting & State League Updates – Nicole Adams
o SAYHA has declared teams in the new PNAHA league.
▪ West side of Washington are more open than Spokane.
▪ Unknown at this moment if west side organizations will allow SAYHA to
travel over to play games based on our county risk rate.

▪ SAYHA will be looking for opportunities to front load league games on
the west side & try to schedule home games later in the season with the
hope of Spokane Co. numbers decrease over the next few months.

5. Director’s Reports
• Treasurer’s Financial Report – Terra Kile
o 2020-21 Budget
▪ Entire budget was created on practice ice & admin fees only!
▪ Any games/tournaments will be charged to families when scheduled.
▪ MOTION to approve 2020-21 Budget made by Terry Picicci; second by
Luke Damskov; motion carried by unanimous vote.

• Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall
o Communications
▪ Newsletters will resume starting tomorrow.
❖ 2 Newsletters per month – one will be Association & one will be
❖ Working on creating more Parent Options on the website

• Disciplinary Director– Mike McGinnis
o Review Puck #2 – C.H.I.E.F. (Competition, Heritage, Integrity, Engage, Family)
▪ Recent Zoom meeting with Jeremi & Kelli to give history of past issues
❖ Tryout issues were touched on; might not be such an issue this
year due to COVID restrictions
❖ Put together association rules & expectations for consistency
across the association.
❖ Player, Coach & Parent Code of Conduct will be outlined & put
into place.
i. High expectations but there is a need to raise the bar
within our association.

• SafeSport Director – Bryan Kriger
o Nothing at this time.
• Community Development Director – Luke Damskov
o Review Puck #3 – Fundraising
▪ Winter Raffle Updates
❖ Raffle tickets have arrived & will go out to players during parent
meetings & at Rate Skates.

▪ Zamboni Wraps – pricing finalized through Cascadia. Will present to Rink
Board for final approval.
▪ TDS Fiber – Wants to sponsor & do a stick give away
▪ Working on obtaining cameras donations for NBT

• Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers
o Still working on all the COVID policies for the facility.

MOTION to adjourn made by Leon Henry; second by Terra Kile; motion carried by unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:02pm