16U-A1 Sweeps Cactus Cup

January 27, 2021

Starting the year off right with an incredible sweep at the Arizona Cactus Cup, our 16U-A1 Team showed what the Spokane Jr. Chiefs are all about!

Owen Ames led the tournament with a whopping 8 goals, while Logan Powers and Josh Humphreys finished it up with 13 points apiece.

Big Shout out to Ben Eckley with a 93% goals saved stat!

All in all these boys showed up to this tournament and left their hearts out on the ice. It is incredible to see these players come together and preform at this level in the middle of a pandemic. We all are proud of how this Team preformed and upheld our Jr. Chief standard.

Way to represent boys!



SafeSport Volunteers

January 27, 2021

Parents’ SafeSport Volunteers are ALWAYS needed and welcomed. 

The USA Hockey SafeSport Program is intended to protect its participants from all types of misconduct and abuse. We endeavor to make athlete well-being the centerpiece of our culture through abuse prevention, education, and accountability.

At SAYHA we will always reimburse for approved background screenings.

If you have completed your SafeSport Training and have an approved background check please send your receipt to Danielle Hunt to reimburse you.

How to Become a SafeSport Volunteer:

  1. Register as a volunteer at USA Hockey- https://membership.usahockey.com
  2. Complete the SafeSport Training Course- https://www.usahockey.com/safesporttraining
  3. Complete a Background Check with USA Hockey- https://www.pnaha.com/page/show/1274442-background-check-application
  4. Send your USA Hockey number and Background Check receipt  to Danielle Hunt

Once ALL requirements are met, you will receive a SafeSport Badge and lanyard that should be worn when you are serving in the capacity of a SafeSport Volunteer for the team.

SAYHA SafeSport Volunteer Duties 2021

SAYHA’s SafeSport Page

Meeting Minutes: November 2020

January 13, 2021


Sign-in sheet distributed and included as part of these meeting minutes
SAYHA Officers, Directors, Staff, and guests in attendance…
Role Name Attendance
President Denny LaRue ✓
VP of Hockey Operations Terry Picicci ✓
VP of Hockey Administration Leon Henry ✓
Secretary Sarah Stevens ✓
Treasurer Terra Kile ✓
Public Relations Director Amanda Kendall ✓
Disciplinary Director Mike McGinnis Not Present
SafeSport Director Bryan Kriger Not Present
Community Development Director Luke Damskov ✓
SAYHA Business Manager Danielle Hunt ✓
SAYHA Director of Player Development Dustin Donaghy ✓
SAYHA Scheduler Kathy Bevan ✓
SAYHA Executive Director Nicole Adams ✓
WKMHA Representative Chris Florko Not Present

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
MOTION to approve October minutes made by Terry Picicci; second by Terra Kile; motion
carried by unanimous vote.
2. Outstanding Items
• Heater Repairs & Timers Project Update
o This project needs to be tabled until summer 2021 due possible damage to the
ice & gas tests needed to complete.

• Ventilation in Locker rooms 1-4
o Completed.

• House Rate Skates Results – Dustin Donaghy & Terry Picicci
o Numbers are lower than previous years.

o Rate Skate went well, ran smoothly & seemed much more organized that
previous years.
▪ Kudos to Hockey Ops for doing a great job organizing.
▪ Kudos to Kathy for doing an excellent job scheduling.
▪ Kudos to the BODs & extra volunteers for stepping up & helping as
4. NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items
• SafeSport & Disciplinary Coordinators – Terra Kile & Danielle Hunt
o The previous BODs discussed the possibility of creating 2 paid coordinator
positions to support the SafeSport & Disciplinary Board Director.
o These positions have not been created or voted on by this or the last BODs nor
were these positions approved in this year budget.
o These coordinators do not seem financially wise to hire for this season.
▪ BODs will not be committing to creating these positions for this season.
o BODs will keep Andy Buell & Rob Stevens as Investigators.
▪ These individuals will be paid per case assigned.
▪ Denny & Sarah will contact these individuals, including possible
coordinators & advise of these changes.
o In the future, Investigators need to be used for both SafeSport & Disciplinary
investigations as many cases overlap.

• COVID Update & Return to Play Safety Plan – Nicole Adams & Dustin Donaghy
o We have had members recently self-report COVID positive cases.
▪ 10U Foster was removed from the ice last Wednesday for positive cases.
▪ Nicole has been keeping good records & overseeing contact tracing.
❖ All families that have been in close contact have been

o Nicole & US Hockey are finding that cases are linked back to locker rooms,
carpooling & billeting not games.
o Teams need to continue to complete health checks prior to ALL scheduled
events to ensure we can continue keep track & contact trace.
o All SAYHA events need to follow SAYHA protocols; private events must be
organized outside of TeamSnap.
o Scheduling has been adjusted to ensure no back to back weekends.
▪ We may need to review & address ice sharing in the future.

5. Director’s Reports
• Treasurer’s Financial Report – Terra Kile, Nicole Adams & Danielle Hunt
o Annual Tax Return
▪ Currently working on tax return.
▪ We have received outstanding notices for nearly $5,000 from last year
but our accountant reassures that we are current & reports that the IRS
is behind.
❖ We asked our accountant if we should just pay the notices to
stop the notices & accruing more penalties. He advised against
doing this.
o Investment Accounts

▪ Recently met with Mark, from Merrill Lynch to discuss investments &
would like to invite him to the December or January meeting to discuss
how we should wisely invest moving into 2021.
❖ We have a large cash balance & discussed moving to get more
return on our money.
❖ He discussed investing a portion of our funds into a low risk
fund to continue to get returns on our money.

▪ Terra suggests that we do not do anything at this point due to the
uncertainties of this season &/or refunds that could be coming.
❖ SAYHA has always reinvested our returns from the rink, which is
not a practice among all rink investors. This has been
something we have always done & has put us in a good position
for the future.
❖ It is important that we continue this financial practice.
▪ Terra will be working closely with Danielle to nail down our monthly
operating costs.
o Budget Updates
▪ Not available at this time. Working on collecting this information.

• Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall
o Receive great feedback from the Association Newsletter.
▪ This helps keep our families up to date & engaged.
o LiveBarn was a positive among our members, especially since spectators are
▪ Nicole has been fielding questions about the use of LiveBarn.
▪ LiveBarn was turned off due to reports & letters stating Eagles Ice Rink
was not operating in accordance with WA guidelines & during
evalutions/rate skates.
▪ LiveBarn will be turned back on when we return to the rink.

• Disciplinary Director– Mike McGinnis
o Review Puck #2 – C.H.I.E.F. (Competition, Heritage, Integrity, Engage, Family)
▪ Not present
• SafeSport Director – Bryan Kriger
o Not present
• Community Development Director – Luke Damskov
o Review Puck #3 – Fundraising
▪ Winter Raffle Updates
❖ In progress & seems to be going well.
▪ Wreath Fundraiser – went extremely well.
❖ We will be creating a drive-thru & staggered pick up for these
orders after Thanksgiving.
❖ Several managers have volunteered to help organize this.
▪ ParaSpokane – working with them to create ice time for sled hockey
with SAYHA.

❖ Teresa Skinner has been in touch with USA Hockey to get 25
❖ This would be a static ice time scheduled each week for these
❖ This program would be under the SAYHA umbrella.
❖ We should look into adding this to our spring & summer
❖ We will revisit this when rink opens up to continue to get this
• Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers
o Eagles BOD reports they are financially stable & doing what they need to do to
save money at this time (ie: lowering ice temperatures).
o Leon reports rubber flooring is needed for Rink 1 & replacement anchor pegs
for a goal.
▪ $1,350 for the rubber flooring from lobby side rink 1 to the Grinders’
locker room. This would be 3ft wide.
▪ Denny will discuss these needs with Jim & report back to the BODs.

• Non-Parent Coach Policy – Dustin
o Dustin will like the BODs to review this policy & consider adding a per diem.
▪ Receipts need to be itemized to allow for accountability.
o BOD will review current policy & discuss further in December’s meeting.
MOTION to adjourn made by Terry Picicci; second by Amanda Kendall; motion carried by unanimous
Meeting adjourned @ 7:25pm
Meeting adjourned @ 8:18pm

Weekly Schedule