Old Timers Grants

"Each year the Oldtimers offers area hockey players and teams the opportunity to apply for assistance from our grant program.

All events the Spokane Oldtimers present provide monies to both local charities that include both hockey and non-hockey causes. The group is known for sponsoring Spokane youth hockey players via grants. We encourage these young men and women to apply for them on this site, but remember, we will interview the candidates and place a great deal of value in schooling!

We will review the applications and schedule an interview with both the player and parents."


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Oldtimer's Hockey Association is unable to facilitate grant requests at this time. - 2020

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DOUG ELLIOTT - President


Nels Venerus

The Nels Venerus Hockey Scholarship Foundation is fulfilling its mission by building an endowment from which scholarships and grants will be distributed through an application process. The Foundation will consider a wide variety of circumstances in determining awardees including such things as family situations, medical emergencies, educational need, and other situations resulting in financial adversity.


How to apply:

There are two ways of applying for financial support from the Nels Venerus Hockey Scholarship Foundation.

  • The James Clancy Educational Scholarship Fund provides traditional post-secondary educational scholarships.
  • The Nels Venerus Hockey Grant fund provides funding for a wide range of hockey-related expenses.

Both applications can be accessed via the links found at the top of this page.

For more information, please contact:

Contact Information

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