Meeting Minutes: September 2020

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Sign-in sheet distributed and included as part of these meeting minutes

SAYHA Officers, Directors, Staff, and guests in attendance…


Role Name Attendance
President Denny LaRue
VP of Hockey Operations Terry Picicci
VP of Hockey Administration Leon Henry
Secretary Sarah Stevens
Treasurer Terra Kile
Public Relations Director Amanda Kendall
Disciplinary Director Mike McGinnis
SafeSport Director Bryan Kriger
Community Development Director Luke Damskov
SAYHA Business Manager Danielle Hunt Not Present
SAYHA Director of Player Development Dustin Donaghy
WKMHA Representative Chris Florko Not Present
Nicole Adams Jim Ewers




1.          Previous Meeting Minutes

MOTION to approve August minutes made by Leon Henry; second by Luke Damskov; motion carried by unanimous vote.


2.          Outstanding Items

  • Heater Repairs & Timers Project Update
    • Still in
  • Ventilation in Locker rooms 1-4
    • Still in

3.          OLD BUSINESS

  • Fall Programming Update
    • Most sessions sold
    • Communication needs to continue to
    • Emails need to be more age group


  • A lot of members are not getting emails, especially the younger age
  • If members are not getting emails from SAYHA then they need to contactSAYHA Business

4.          NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items

  • Tryouts – Dustin Donaghy
    • We need to move towards selecting a date for Rep Tryouts for all age
    • After Rep selection, move towards House Rate skates for all age
    • After House Rate skates, move towards Select skates for all age
    • All plans must be in compliance of COVID
    • Tryout fee will remain at $75.
  • Coaching Selections – Dustin Donaghy
    • Coaching announcements need to happen next
      • Dustin will send out the coaching selections to the BOD for approval
      • MOTION made via email on 9/15/20 to approve Chris Foster (10U) & BenMortonsen (12U) as Rep Team coaches made by Terry Picicci; second by Leon Henry;motion carried by unanimous
    • Divisional Liaisons – Dustin Donaghy
      • We will use the Divisional Coordinators that we have used in the


5.           Director’s Reports

  • Treasurer’s Financial Report – Terra Kile
    • 6 Week Programming Report
      • Good margins
      • Rep, House & 8U Intro far exceeded budgeted expectations
      • Not paying coaches @ 8U, 10U & All parent coach volunteers.
      • Paying 4 coaches for 12U & 14U
      • 3v3 – not as successful as should have
      • Powerskating & Clinics – did not fill up & not Will need to review these forfuture programming.
    • Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall
      • Communications
        • Members are reporting frustrated with the communication & new TeamSnap
        • The website needs to be updated with the current
        • Tryout information & coaching selections will be communicated via email & allsocial media
        • Learn to Play Hockey should be coming in the next 6
        • We will need to work on recreating the Parent Resource Guide & have it accessible on the
      • Disciplinary Director– Mike McGinnis
        • Review Puck #2 – H.I.E.F. (Competition, Heritage, Integrity, Engage, Family) Culture
          • Nothing at this


  • SafeSport Director – Bryan Kriger
    • No outstanding incidents from last
    • Still need to address the lack of female dressing
    • Terry Picicci led a SafeSport Discussion regarding the SafeSport Handbook and
  • Community Development Director – Luke Damskov
    • Review Puck #3 – Fundraising
      • Nothing at this
      • Winter Raffle needs movement on by next
        • BOD assignment to come up with Raffle
      • Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers
        • Fiscial Year Financial Report (Sept – August)
          • Budgeted Revenue of 28M = Actual Revenue 1M
          • Net Income down approximately $200k
          • No tax disruptions for Q3&4
          • Original owners of rink; defer on one of the loans due to COVID (6mths) which allowsthe business to break even for 12mth (6K per month). Start paying again in Interest on loan was lowered to 1%, which also helps out a lot.
          • 4M normal budget/ 900k this coming year budget with the

assumption that we stay in phase 2 for 12mths.

  • Budget assumption is that SAYHA will continue to pay phase 2
  • Phase 3 rate will probably be at full SAYHA would like Eagles to consider ourprogramming plans before changing our rate.
  • Lilac City back to paying full note
  • Oldtimers – made a commitment to pay the full monthly rate rather than reducedphase 2
  • Rink 2 will open October 5th.
  • MOTION to approve Eagles LLC to spend approximately $2,000 to replace a coolingpump made by Terry Picicci; second by Bryan Kriger; motion carried by unanimous


MOTION to adjourn made by Amanda Kendall; second by Terra Kile; motion carried by unanimous vote.


MOTION made via email vote to hire Nicole Adams as the Executive Director by Sarah Stevens; second by MikeMcGinnis; motion carried by unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:53pm


  1. Closed Session


Meeting adjourned @ 8:30pm