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Finders Credit

Returning This Season!

Many of our Spokane Youth Hockey families are already generous sponsors of their player’s team. We also know that many in our hockey community have great business contacts in Spokane and beyond. While the overall sponsorships help the Association and the team, we’d like to offer each member who brings a new sponsorship to Spokane Youth Hockey a 10% “finder’s fee” which will be credited to your individual player’s account upon the successful processing of the new sponsorship! For example, with a Gold Level Sponsorship (with your name credited), your player will receive a $100 credit. This is a great way to earn money off of your player’s season fees, while still helping out your team and the Association!

Other Types of Donations

Spokane Youth Hockey Donation Sponsor

(In Kind Donation Valued at $200 or more)

A large part of the success of our association events is through our sponsors who donate special items to be auctioned, raffled or provided as gifts. There is no charge to be a Donation Sponsor with a gift valued at $200 or more (for in-kind gifts commensurate with monetary values listed above, all benefits will be included).

  • Recognition at Spokane Youth Hockey events and in promotional materials where your gift is used.
  • Listed on Association website under sponsors with link back to your business.
  • Recognized as sponsor on social media sites.


Player Sponsorship

Funds will be distributed to the account of the specific player that you request below. We sincerely appreciate your support of this Spokane Jr. Chief (please note that your payment is not considered a charitable contribution. However, individual players may add your logo to their jersey/s at their discretion and cost).

Charitable Contribution and/or Donations In Memoriam

With these donations, Spokane Youth Hockey will distribute funds to best meet the need of the Association and its members.

Logos, Ads, and In-Kind Donations

Please forward all logos and ads (in .jpg/.png/.eps/.pdf format) to SAYHA PR and Program Specialist, Katie Sieck.

  • We will need all logos for jersey sponsors no later than October 31st
  • All ads for inclusion in the Association newsletter must be received by the first of the month you’d like your ad to run.
  • Please contact Executive Director, Nicole Adams, or PR & Program Specialist, Katie Sieck, to determine the best use of your in-kind donations.

Your donation is genuinely appreciated!