Crystal Carlon



18U Age Group Coordinator


For five straight seasons, I volunteered my time as a team manager and even though it was challenging at times, the experience was incredibly rewarding. I knew early on that I wanted to become more involved within the association, so once that opportunity arose, I pushed all my insecurities aside and took a flying leap of faith. From then on, I was in it for the long haul and it wasn't until just before the start of this season, a new challenge presented itself that I knew I couldn't pass up. As your newly appointed 18U Age Group Coordinator, I take pride in being a good communicator, help build team camaraderie, encourage positive attitudes, give constructive criticism and most importantly, show that I myself, am a team player. I love this game, I love the long lasting friendships I've built, I love watching players thrive and grow throughout a season but mostly, I love that we all share a common interest. Thank you to all who have made an incredible impact on my life.