Learn To Play with Spokane Youth Hockey

July Tuesday Session: July 6-27 from 4:30-5:30 PM

Sept./Oct. Saturday Session: Sept. 25-Oct. 16 (time TBD)

Oct/.Nov. Saturday Session: Oct. 23-Nov. 13 (time TBD)

*Registration will open on or before July 1 for these sessions.

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Welcome To Spokane youth hockey's Learn to Play Program

Our goal is to teach players the fundamentals and skills needed to play hockey in a fun and engaging way that will develop a passion for the sport. We do this by creating station-based practices that teach those important skills while keeping your player moving and active for the entirety of the session.

When your player graduates from our Learn to Play program they will not only love the sport of hockey, but they will be ready to seamlessly enter our regular season programming for the 21-22 season!

We look forward to seeing your player on the ice! Please let us know if you have questions or concerns!

-Matt Thurston | Assistant Hockey Director

Equipment Guide


Full hockey gear/equipment (including face coverings) is required. Our sponsor, Play It Again Sports (1808 West Francis Spokane, WA), has hockey gear rental for $39.99 (with the option to purchase at the end of the Learn to Play class/es). They can get you set up with all the hockey equipment you will need for success on the ice!

We recommend dressing in this order: athletic supporter/cup, knee/shin pads, hockey socks, pants, skates, chest pad, elbow pads, jersey, HECC approved helmet, gloves and a stick. We do not advise wearing equipment big enough “to grow into”—proper fitting equipment will ensure your child’s safety, comfort, and ease of movement.

Before the first practice we will have our coaches and staff onsite to help new players/families dress in all their hockey equipment, but in the interest of time, try to come to the rink as dressed in all gear as is possible. Locker rooms are NOT AVAILABLE at this time.

We will spend some time off the ice in full gear teaching kids how to get up, stand in a hockey ready position, bend, touch toes, sit, squat, balance on one leg, etc. It's important that our athletes feel comfortable moving in hockey gear.

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