For Managers

for Managers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a team manager! We are pleased to have quality people join us in order to provide our young players, and their families, with an excellent experience. Your role as a Team Manager is a very important position with numerous responsibilities.

All coaches must designate a team manager to facilitate organizational needs of the team. Please note: Team Managers may not include the Head Coach’s spouse or family member without special permission from SAYHA.

The Team Manager should possess a basic understanding of the policies and procedures of USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, the Pacific District, the Pacific Northwest Amateur Hockey Association (PNAHA), Okanagan Mainline Amateur Hockey Association (OMAHA), West Kootenay Minor Hockey Association (WKMHA) and the Spokane Americans Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA).

Team Managers should also possess strong communication skills, and must be generally accessible (email and web access is required) to resolve coaching, team manager, player, team, scheduling, and any other league issues or problems that come up throughout the season. They are also expected to attend all Team Manager Meetings and Board Meetings (as necessary).