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Rep (Representative) hockey is the highest caliber of hockey available in any given association. Rep teams typically have 13 to 17 players who represent the more skilled and talented players in their age group. Rep hockey is a fast-paced, highly-competitive level of hockey that offers exceptional players a challenge. Rep hockey does not guarantee equal ice time for participants. Rep Hockey is more expensive due to the nature of travel and 2-3 practices per week and weekend games. Rep hockey includes 100+ hours of hockey (in a normal season May-March).

2024/25 REP Teams

TeamLeaguesBirth YearsHead CoachAssociate CoachAssistant Coach
U17AA ZoneOMAHA Zone2007, 2008, 2009Matt Thurston
U17AA CardedOMAHA Carded, WKMHA2007, 2008, 2009Terry PicicciJason Anderson
14UAA ZonePNAHA, OMAHA Zone2010, 2011Joe FleckensteinChandler ForsythDeke Adams, Matt Thurston
14UBPNAHA, WKMHA2010, 2011Leigh RoseNick Othmer
12UAA ZonePNAHA, OMAHA2012, 2013Owen Miley*
12UBPNAHA, WKMHA2012, 2013Brendan Kidd*
10U - GoldOMAHA Development, WKMHA-A2014, 2015Chris Foster*
10U - SilverOMAHA Development2014, 2015Jason Greenwell*
10U - BronzeWKMHA2014, 2015Buddy Richardson*

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