Jr. Chiefs LEAD


Jr. Chiefs L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Education, Action, Development) is an activity, reflection, and discussion-based youth leadership program focused on developing leadership skills for life.

Through Jr. Chiefs L.E.A.D., Spokane Youth Hockey players of all ages will participate in a session-based leadership academy program, learning about and developing age-group appropriate leadership skills and goals. Players will focus on various leadership topics through group activities, public speakers, community service activities, reflection, and discussion.

Beyond the Team Captains and Assistant Captains on the ice, Jr. Chiefs L.E.A.D. will encourage and build skills so all Spokane Youth Hockey players feel empowered and develop as leaders on their teams, in their schools, and in our community.

Jr. Chiefs L.E.A.D.ers will develop a community action project to support a Spokane-area nonprofit organization partner, building understanding about the role that we can all play as community leaders, how to bring people together for action, and how to champion a cause for positive change.

At the end of the program session, L.E.A.D.ers will develop a personal Leadership in Action plan, a SMART goal-based guide to direct them toward their goals in the short- and long-term.

Please reach out to Program Director Katie Sieck (Katie@spokanejrchiefs.com) with any questions.

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