Meeting Minutes: November 2020


Sign-in sheet distributed and included as part of these meeting minutes
SAYHA Officers, Directors, Staff, and guests in attendance…
Role Name Attendance
President Denny LaRue ✓
VP of Hockey Operations Terry Picicci ✓
VP of Hockey Administration Leon Henry ✓
Secretary Sarah Stevens ✓
Treasurer Terra Kile ✓
Public Relations Director Amanda Kendall ✓
Disciplinary Director Mike McGinnis Not Present
SafeSport Director Bryan Kriger Not Present
Community Development Director Luke Damskov ✓
SAYHA Business Manager Danielle Hunt ✓
SAYHA Director of Player Development Dustin Donaghy ✓
SAYHA Scheduler Kathy Bevan ✓
SAYHA Executive Director Nicole Adams ✓
WKMHA Representative Chris Florko Not Present

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
MOTION to approve October minutes made by Terry Picicci; second by Terra Kile; motion
carried by unanimous vote.
2. Outstanding Items
• Heater Repairs & Timers Project Update
o This project needs to be tabled until summer 2021 due possible damage to the
ice & gas tests needed to complete.

• Ventilation in Locker rooms 1-4
o Completed.

• House Rate Skates Results – Dustin Donaghy & Terry Picicci
o Numbers are lower than previous years.

o Rate Skate went well, ran smoothly & seemed much more organized that
previous years.
▪ Kudos to Hockey Ops for doing a great job organizing.
▪ Kudos to Kathy for doing an excellent job scheduling.
▪ Kudos to the BODs & extra volunteers for stepping up & helping as
4. NEW BUSINESS – Agenda Items
• SafeSport & Disciplinary Coordinators – Terra Kile & Danielle Hunt
o The previous BODs discussed the possibility of creating 2 paid coordinator
positions to support the SafeSport & Disciplinary Board Director.
o These positions have not been created or voted on by this or the last BODs nor
were these positions approved in this year budget.
o These coordinators do not seem financially wise to hire for this season.
▪ BODs will not be committing to creating these positions for this season.
o BODs will keep Andy Buell & Rob Stevens as Investigators.
▪ These individuals will be paid per case assigned.
▪ Denny & Sarah will contact these individuals, including possible
coordinators & advise of these changes.
o In the future, Investigators need to be used for both SafeSport & Disciplinary
investigations as many cases overlap.

• COVID Update & Return to Play Safety Plan – Nicole Adams & Dustin Donaghy
o We have had members recently self-report COVID positive cases.
▪ 10U Foster was removed from the ice last Wednesday for positive cases.
▪ Nicole has been keeping good records & overseeing contact tracing.
❖ All families that have been in close contact have been

o Nicole & US Hockey are finding that cases are linked back to locker rooms,
carpooling & billeting not games.
o Teams need to continue to complete health checks prior to ALL scheduled
events to ensure we can continue keep track & contact trace.
o All SAYHA events need to follow SAYHA protocols; private events must be
organized outside of TeamSnap.
o Scheduling has been adjusted to ensure no back to back weekends.
▪ We may need to review & address ice sharing in the future.

5. Director’s Reports
• Treasurer’s Financial Report – Terra Kile, Nicole Adams & Danielle Hunt
o Annual Tax Return
▪ Currently working on tax return.
▪ We have received outstanding notices for nearly $5,000 from last year
but our accountant reassures that we are current & reports that the IRS
is behind.
❖ We asked our accountant if we should just pay the notices to
stop the notices & accruing more penalties. He advised against
doing this.
o Investment Accounts

▪ Recently met with Mark, from Merrill Lynch to discuss investments &
would like to invite him to the December or January meeting to discuss
how we should wisely invest moving into 2021.
❖ We have a large cash balance & discussed moving to get more
return on our money.
❖ He discussed investing a portion of our funds into a low risk
fund to continue to get returns on our money.

▪ Terra suggests that we do not do anything at this point due to the
uncertainties of this season &/or refunds that could be coming.
❖ SAYHA has always reinvested our returns from the rink, which is
not a practice among all rink investors. This has been
something we have always done & has put us in a good position
for the future.
❖ It is important that we continue this financial practice.
▪ Terra will be working closely with Danielle to nail down our monthly
operating costs.
o Budget Updates
▪ Not available at this time. Working on collecting this information.

• Public Relations Director – Amanda Kendall
o Receive great feedback from the Association Newsletter.
▪ This helps keep our families up to date & engaged.
o LiveBarn was a positive among our members, especially since spectators are
▪ Nicole has been fielding questions about the use of LiveBarn.
▪ LiveBarn was turned off due to reports & letters stating Eagles Ice Rink
was not operating in accordance with WA guidelines & during
evalutions/rate skates.
▪ LiveBarn will be turned back on when we return to the rink.

• Disciplinary Director– Mike McGinnis
o Review Puck #2 – C.H.I.E.F. (Competition, Heritage, Integrity, Engage, Family)
▪ Not present
• SafeSport Director – Bryan Kriger
o Not present
• Community Development Director – Luke Damskov
o Review Puck #3 – Fundraising
▪ Winter Raffle Updates
❖ In progress & seems to be going well.
▪ Wreath Fundraiser – went extremely well.
❖ We will be creating a drive-thru & staggered pick up for these
orders after Thanksgiving.
❖ Several managers have volunteered to help organize this.
▪ ParaSpokane – working with them to create ice time for sled hockey
with SAYHA.

❖ Teresa Skinner has been in touch with USA Hockey to get 25
❖ This would be a static ice time scheduled each week for these
❖ This program would be under the SAYHA umbrella.
❖ We should look into adding this to our spring & summer
❖ We will revisit this when rink opens up to continue to get this
• Eagles LLC Rink Reports – Jim Ewers
o Eagles BOD reports they are financially stable & doing what they need to do to
save money at this time (ie: lowering ice temperatures).
o Leon reports rubber flooring is needed for Rink 1 & replacement anchor pegs
for a goal.
▪ $1,350 for the rubber flooring from lobby side rink 1 to the Grinders’
locker room. This would be 3ft wide.
▪ Denny will discuss these needs with Jim & report back to the BODs.

• Non-Parent Coach Policy – Dustin
o Dustin will like the BODs to review this policy & consider adding a per diem.
▪ Receipts need to be itemized to allow for accountability.
o BOD will review current policy & discuss further in December’s meeting.
MOTION to adjourn made by Terry Picicci; second by Amanda Kendall; motion carried by unanimous
Meeting adjourned @ 7:25pm
Meeting adjourned @ 8:18pm