Practice Groups

August 30, 2020

Starting Tuesday September 1st, we will begin a 6-week SAYHA Division Coaches Practice Series!  With the uncertainty associated with COVID-19, tryouts for the season will be scheduled as soon as Washington enters Phase 3.  These practices will allow players to start getting to know each other and SAYHA Coaches, while preparing for the 20/21 tryouts and season.  There are options for all players at any level, whether House or Rep.  Players are encouraged to register for the best practice that meets where they plan to play this coming season.   Division Coaches will work with Dustin to select a Showcase Team from participating players at each age division for possible scrimmages, games &/or tournaments opportunities, as we wait to enter Phase 3.  SAYHA Coaches will maximize the 18,000 square feet of ice in Rink 1, while providing plenty of social distancing for players and coaches.  Spectators will be limited to those volunteers assisting with the check-in process, running the clock or assisting coaches.  For more information on how you can help contact Dustin Donaghy.

This is a great opportunity for all SAYHA players so do not miss out!
Practice 2x a week $240 (6 weeks)
Practice 1x a week $120 (6 weeks)

USA Hockey COVID Information

August 30, 2020
Ice hockey is an important vehicle to keep our kids physically active and happy. During this time of COVID-19, our medical professionals have advised us that hockey can be played safely, of course taking appropriate precautions.


  • Hockey players are covered head to toe in protective equipment.
    • No skin-to-skin contact
    • There is no shared equipment
  • Rinks have been diligent in implementing cleaning and safety protocols.
  • Practice and play formats are being designed to adapt appropriately to local/state guidelines.
  • Rinks have significant HVAC systems that circulate fresh air on a regular basis.
  • Studies show players in ice hockey are within a six-foot radius of another player for less than three minutes per game. Players are on average in “immediate proximity” (actual contact with another player) for under two seconds per game.
  • Due to the fast pace of skating, air flow for the athlete is circulated at a higher rate.

The facemask worn on the hockey helmet by a player is a personal choice. Full clear face shields may provide additional viral transmission protection.

As we continue to provide safe and healthy lifestyle options for our families, we invite your family back to the rink. If you haven’t already, to get started, register with USA Hockey.

Weekly Schedule